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'Human' is a murky world of medical horrors: Vipul Shah

Human is a murky world of medical horrors: Vipul Shah

Vipul Amrutlal Shah, who has helmed movies like 'Namastey England', 'Commando' franchise and more, is currently being lauded for his OTT thriller 'Human'. It stars Shefali Shah and Kirti Kulhari in prominent roles.

Sharing the reasons behind doing a show on the dark side of the medical world, Vipul said, "Many years back, I read an article about human drug testing gone wrong in Africa, because of which thousands of people died. Then I thought as to what the situation in India would be. Soon, we started doing our research on the same and we wrote it as a film. For three years, we made 28 drafts of the script."

"Later, I thought maybe the subject is too vast to be told in a two-hour format. That was when I brought writers Mozez Singh, Ishani Banerjee, Stuti Nair and Aasif Moyal on board and we wrote the script for the web series. It took us another three and a half years to be ready with the show and finally, we presented 'Human' to the audience," he added.

Shah further stated, "'Human' is a murky world of medical horrors, which we wanted to tell in a truthful manner. So, it is not solely inspired by true incidents but all the real medical facts. Those facts have been presented in a fictional world with an atmosphere of intrigue. I believe adding real facts in fiction allows the audience to absorb the information and watch it in one go, which is what is happening with the OTT content today."

Talking about how Shefali Shah came on board to portray the vicious and mysterious Dr Gauri Nath, the director revealed, "When we started writing the script for a digital show, Shefali was the first and the only choice. Hoping that she would say yes to play Gauri Nath, I gave her the script to go through and after reading it in one night, she said she was ready to do it. We are blessed that we got Shefali on board to do this part because it has connected with the audience at a level which is almost unthinkable."

When it comes to creating content, the filmmaker believes in working on all kinds of stories. "When I listen to a story, it has to instinctively work for me as an idea. So, if some ideas start haunting me and I feel there is something in it, then I go for it. As a filmmaker, I love to tell all kinds of stories, be it 'Namastey London', 'Commando' or 'Human'," he admitted.

He added, "Although 'Human' is said to become the highest viewing show in the history of 'Hotstar', it tells me there is a lot of space for us filmmakers to go in and make stories, which are going to touch millions of hearts in different ways. So, it is a fantastic time for filmmakers to be in this game."

Vipul Shah further revealed that he is overwhelmed by the great response from critics and audiences.

"The reviews have been better than we expected. We have got 95 percent thumbs up by the reviewers. Among the audience, that percentage is even higher with 98 percent as they continue to love and binge-watch 'Human'. On IMDb, the ratings are touching to 8.7, which is massive. So, I feel gratified with the love and response we are getting from the stunning reviews all over the world," he concluded.

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