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Harvey alleges he was 'deprived of fair trial'

Harvey alleges he was deprived of fair trial

Disgraced Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein, who is serving a 23 years long jail term, lodged a fresh appeal against his sexual assault convictions. As per international reports, Harvey and his legal team alleged that they were 'deprived of fair trial' and the fresh appeal comes to help quash his long jail sentence after he was convicted in February 2020.

According to a latest 'BBC' report, one of Weinstein's lawyers, Arthur Aidala said, "With a year behind us and emotions subsided, the transcript of the case confirms what we always believed: that Harvey Weinstein did not receive a fair trial."

As per reports, Weinstein's new appeal is at least 165 pages long and was filed with the 'Appellate Division First Department'.

Weinstein's conviction in 2020 was a landmark event in the 'MeToo' movement that took Hollywood by storm in 2017.

The producer giant's spokesman Juda Engelmayer stated, "The foregoing issues highlight a myriad of ways in which Harvey Weinstein was deprived of a fair trial. The American criminal justice system was designed to convict defendants based on their conduct and not their general character."

The appeal claimed that 'Juror Number 11' should not have been part of the trial as Weinstein's team contend that the author repeatedly lied to the court about a novel she wrote featuring predatory older men and their relationships with girls. "Allowing 'Juror Number 11' to participate in the deliberations did not merely obstruct the judicial process, it single-handedly obliterated it," attorney Aidala wrote as per 'Page Six'.

In the appeal, the legal team also highlighted seven examples of 'errors' that, in their view, compromised the fairness of the trial.

While Weinstein is convicted for two cases in New York,

he still awaits sentencing for

sexual assault crimes in Los Angeles.

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