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'Had no reference to prepare for my role in Kaur Singh's biopic'

Had no reference to prepare for my role in Kaur Singhs biopic

Actor Karam Batth, who will bring alive the achievements and struggles of former boxing champion Kaur Singh's life in the upcoming biopic, said he had no reference footage to prepare for the character.

Speaking about the same, Batth, who will be seen playing the

lead role in the film titled Padma Shri Kaur Singh said, "In most of the biopics made in recent times, actors had videos, photos, and other material to learn about the person they will enact on screen. But for me, there were hardly any recordings of Boxer Kaur Singh."

"Apart from a short meeting with him, I had no research material or reference footage to help me get under the skin of this character, learn about Singh's personality, his mannerism, and behaviour. Moreover, Kaur Singh ji is an introvert personality and doesn't talk much.

So, I solely had to rely on the script and my intuitions," the actor further added.

Further sharing his experience of playing Padma Shri and Arjuna Awardee, Karam stated, "It's not at all an easy task. I had to work day and night to get in the right shape and look like a boxer.

"By the end of 12 months of preparation, I had 6 body injuries but a confidence to pull off the character," he added.

The idea of making this biopic struck makers when the news of Singh's poor financial condition and inability to pay his medical bills came to the front.

It was Shah Rukh Khan who read the news and gave Singh an amount of Rs 5 lakh through his team Kolkata Knight Riders.

The biopic is slated to release in early 2020.

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