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Guetta wants to make 'timeless' music

Grammy Award winning DJ David Guetta wants his music to be "timeless" and appeal to all generations.

"I'm trying to do something timeless. People always want to listen to something new, but at the same time emotions are always the same. There's not a new emotion that is going to come out, because we are human beings," Guetta told Financial Times newspaper, reports
Guetta says he wanted to become a DJ since he was 12-years-old which he feels was "crazy" as there were no famous DJs around then.
"It's so crazy because there was no famous DJ at the time. There was no glamour, there was no money, there was nothing like that.
I was just obsessed with music and I was very into the technical aspect of creating it. I don't even understand it myself because my family were not musicians or anything...
"My mum thought that everything I was doing was very stupid. She was a communist so she felt like all this superficial life and chasing materialistic dreams were a waste of my time," he added.

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