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Faced lots of situations: Jessica Alba on sexual harassment

Faced lots of situations: Jessica Alba on  sexual harassment

Hong Kong: Hollywood actor Jessica Alba says there have been "lots of different situations" in her career when she had to deal with sexual harassment.

Alba, also a New York Times best-selling author and entrepreneur, spoke to CNN for 'Talk Asia' here about healthy living and becoming a socially conscious businesswoman.

In light of the recent scandal reverberating throughout Hollywood and beyond, Alba also reflects on her own experiences dealing with sexual harassment.

She said: "A lot of different situations, I had to learn quickly how to get myself out of them, so it never got to a place, but sure, I've been in lots of different situations."

A mother of three – two daughters and one son, Alba said she finds it important to talk to her girls about their body.

She wants them to know how "you have control over your body and over situations you want to put yourself in, and there's warning signs and there's that feeling in your stomach and you have to listen to that feeling, because usually you get that feeling before anything ever happens". But she feels it's probably going to be different talking to her son about all that.

On female equality and seeing changes in the entertainment industry, Alba said: "I don't know if there's been that big of a shift yet, but I think people are at least trying and there's an awareness around it and how imbalanced it really is."



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