Expectations of fans scare me: Darshan Raval

Expectations of fans scare me: Darshan Raval
Darshan Raval, who rose to fame from the reality show 'India's Raw Star', is back with another track 'Tera Zikr', in collaboration with Sony Music. The song set a new record by storming the internet within a few hours of its release. Overwhelmed with the response, the young internet sensation feels pressurized to meet up with the expectations of his fans. "Whenever a song comes out and becomes a hit, it scares me badly. Because now, I am under pressure to give something better to the audience the next time. You need to accept that people are really choosy and have great understanding of music. They can judge what's good and what's bad. Hence, it becomes a huge task where I am responsible to prepare for my next and bring out something extraordinary."
The song, within a week of its release has reached 6.7mn views with a high 'like ratio' and will be released in two additional languages i.e., Gujarati and Bengali. Owing to his popularity, Sony Music recently came up with the Reprise version of this love ballad, which is equally being appreciated for its infectious tune and melodious voice.
Commenting on the same, Darshan said, "I am what I am today because of the love from Gujarat and in no way will I ever forget it and therefore a Gujarati version had to be done. Meanwhile, I also understand that I have a great following in Bengal and I have given the language a shot."
Darshan made her Bollywood debut with 'Jab Tum Chaho' starring Salman Khan. Speaking of his reactions after bagging a song in Salman's movie, 'Bekhudi' hitmaker said that he wasn't even aware that the song is being recorded for Salman's movie. "I was never told that the song is being recorded for Salman Khan's movie. I was randomly called one day, asking to sing that particular song. When it was released, my reaction was like 'Shit! It's Salman khan's song.'"
"Even for 'Khech meri photo', I went to record and came back. After seven months, I came to know that the song has been released and is a big hit."
Does the singer second with the opinion that Indian music really needs to move out of the 'remake culture' and experiment a bit?
"We are a part of that music culture. We are trying and making new songs. So, I don't agree that it's spoiled at all. Remakes are made because people want them. The songs which are remixed and remade is beautiful in itself. Listeners demand to hear these classics in new ways.
The milti-talented songwriter, composer, and singer finds it easier when he is the only one taking responsibility for making a song entirely. "When I compose a song and sing it myself, it becomes easy. It becomes a process where I take the responsibility of everything".
Accrediting this success to his mother, Darshan mentioned that it was his mother's constant support that boosted him to continue working towards his goal. "My father was always against me choosing music as a career but it was my mom, who asked me to carry on what I wanted to. My first song, 'Pehli Mohabbat' became a big hit on the internet. But it was only after my mom's approval that I went ahead to upload it.
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