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Everyone has a story: Shilpa Rao

Everyone has a story: Shilpa Rao

From being a young girl with no idea of the showbiz industry, to being one of the most-popular names in Bollywood, Shilpa Rao has come a long way. The singer has a bag full of successful songs like 'Nain Parinde', 'Subhanallah', and 'Ghungroo' being the latest. The classical artiste has outshone many others and proven that music indeed has some magic to it. While the stage was being set in Delhi for Mayur Utsav 2019, she took out time to have a conversation with Millennium Post:

You were introduced to the industry at an early stage of your life, how has the journey been since then?

Well, it's been quite a ride working with best of the composers, lyricists, directors. It's been a great journey and learning too.

In this long span of your career, you have worked with numerous music magicians and maestros. Who would be your favorite and why?

Pritam and Vishal-Shekhar. It is so because they give a freedom where they let every singer to experiment with the song. That is something that I love about them.

What's your take on the remake culture?

I believe, it is important for us to bring out fresh music for the audience since it is going to stay with us for a long time. So I fully support the new music this industry is putting out.

Aspiring musicians gaining recognition through reality shows nowadays. Do you think there are benefits in getting introduced to the industry through these platforms?

We cannot compare anybody's story of struggle to anyone else's because the two did not have the same start. I cannot say that I had to struggle more or less. I did what was expected of me, and so did everybody else. I feel everyone has their own way of getting to what they want to and more than anything else, it is about what you chose to be after you reach there. So, I believe every generation sees a different set of problems or struggles. The only thing I would recommend is to keep your music at forefront and focus on it more than anything else. Everyone is doing music in their own way and if you get limelight through that channel it's good, and if not then also it's fine until music happens.

You have always stuck to the classical genre. How would you describe your experience of trying other genres while keeping classical as your core?

You have to be original in your self because everyone in the industry have their own style of making music which is essentially required. I have been fortunate enough to learn music since childhood and it proved to be a big advantage for me later, offering opportunities to expand my horizons. It gave me more legroom to experiment.

How was your experience of performing in Delhi?

It has always been a stupendous experience with the Delhi crowd and I always look forward to that.

If asked to lend voice to one of your favourite songs of another singer, which one would that be? Also, which amongst your own songs is your favourite?

Though I have never given it a thought, I really like 'Zara Zara' by Bombay Jayshree. I think she has done a fantastic job and I am one of her biggest fans. Among my songs, 'Tose Naina' will always be closest to my heart.

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