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Tom Holland wants Spider-Man, Hulk to team up

Actor Tom Holland would like to see the Hulk take down Spider-Man in a future movie.
The 21-year-old actor plays the web-slinger in "Spider-Man: Homecoming" and has expressed his desire to have Marvel's favourite green giant team up Peter Parker's alter-ego for a spin-off because he would love to see them have a face-off, reported
Asked who he would like to see join Spider-Man in the future, Holland told MTV: "I really like the idea of Spider-Man and Hulk. There's a really amazing picture from the comics where Spider-Man is sitting on a lamppost staring at Hulk, and I think that could be a really - there's so many jokes you can make about the big green guy, so I think that would be a lot of fun."
"I think it would be quite interesting to see Hulk try and squash him like a bug, like a sort of big brother-little brother type fight situation rather than a proper fight, just to see them have it off with each other, it would be really fun."
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