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Kym Marsh quits Twitter

"Coronation Street" star Kym Marsh has quit Twitter after "becoming obsessed" with negative comments. The 41-year-old broke the news in her latest OK! magazine column, reports

Explaining why she was taking a break from the micro-blogging site, she wrote: "When you take a break from the world of Twitter you realise it can take over your life a bit – you can become a bit obsessed with reading what everyone's up to or people's opinions on this and that."
She added: "Plus, most of the time you'll see loads of dead nice comments but then you'll see one nasty one and that's all you focus on." And it seems that Marsh has some advice when it comes to the world of social media. She said: "When anyone starts at 'Coronation Street', I tell them never to read (comments online) – you'd just want to quit immediately!" Her self-imposed exile appears to be a relatively recent one, as up until July 1 she was still posting content on her Twitter account.

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