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I've great respect for Indian cinema: 'Blacklist' star

Diego Klattenhoff says he has great respect for Indian cinema, and how it touches life of people around the world. The Canadian actor says he would love to cross over to the Indian industry through a film.

"I would love to (cross over to Indian cinema). That would be an amazing opportunity. I have seen the reference point what everyone here (in the US) has seen," siad Klattenhoff adding that he will not "try to bullsh*t one into believing that" he follows Indian cinema.

The 37-year-old actor, who has worked with Indian actress Nimrat Kaur in "Homeland", also mentioned that he "loves the fact that people are so into it and have the appreciation. I would love to go over there and do a little movie". "I have a lot of respect for the amount of movies that they (Indian cinema) do over there and how much these actors work and how it affects everyone. I think it is pretty incredible that it has that much impact on the people. You know it is a very positive experience to be able to go to the movies and get away from whatever life that you have and just take on the whole journey."

The actor says he hasn't had the chance to dive into any cinema, including Indian, lately as he was busy with his work. Klattenhoff has never been to India, but his friendship with world-famous stand-up comedian Russell Peters, whose origins trace back to India, turned out to be a window to the country. "I have never been to India. I always wanted to, but haven't got the chance to make it out there. An old friend of mine is good friends with Russell Peters, so I know Russel over the years and he always hold positive views of India." So, is he in touch with his 'Homeland' co-star Nimrat?

"No unfortunately, I'm not. It is the nature of the business that we have to move on. But we always end up crossing paths on the line though."

Asked about the growing interest of the West in Indian talent, Klattenhoff said: "I think it all comes down to exposure, material and storytelling. I'm not really sure what it is like in India as an actor, but I'm sure there are lots of terrific roles but (sometimes) you want switch it off and try something different."
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