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Sophie Turner dyes her hair red every week when shooting 'GOT'

Actor Sophie Turner said she has to dye her hair red every week when she is filming the fantasy drama epic series 'Game of Thrones'.

The 21-year-old actor, who essays the role of a redhead, Sansa Stark in the HBO show, is originally a blonde.

"I'm constantly dyeing. On 'Game of Thrones', I have to constantly dye my hair red every week," Turner told PopSugar.

The actor also dished about how her character as the introvert elder Stark daughter has changed her looks to underscore her growing persona as the show progressed.

"(Sansa is) a very silent character, you know; you don't really know what she's thinking, or who is having influence over her. And that was one of the ways we showed that and her costumes was the only real way that we knew what she was taking in and learning from these people, because she would mirror Cersei's hairstyle or Margaery's hairstyle.

"When she went away with Littlefinger, she dyed her hair black for a second and that sort of mirrored him. And it's really interesting to see that sort of physical representation of her adapting to each situation; it was a really smart move," Turner said.

"GOT" season seven premiers in India on July 18.
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