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Lorde calls herself 'underdog' in music industry

Singer Lorde said she still feels like an underdog in the music industry even after delivering a hit like 'Royals'.

The 20-year-old songstress said she does not take her much-touted success seriously that came with popularity of the 2013 song and feels she will consider herself famous when she cracks "five amazing records", reported FemaleFirst.

"I'm just the underdog again. I always think, like making an album, I'm just that kid to and from work, sitting on the train. I totally feel like an underdog. But, I think one record is cool, one record, you know?"

"I think everyone can make five amazing records, if you can, then it gets interesting. That's when it starts. So, I think, until then, (I consider) myself as an underdog," Lorde said on Australian TV news show "60 Minutes".

The singer recently came up with her second album, titled 'Melodrama', four years after her debut. The 20-year-old songstress, who is pals with big names such as Taylor Swift, the Haim sisters and Blake Lively, says it is good to have people, who know the showbiz world inside out, by her side, reported The Guardian.
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