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Desire for 'more kids' led to divorce

Actors Chris Pratt and Anna Faris, who announced their separation on August 6 after being married for eight years, reportedly split because Faris wanted more children but Pratt was not ready for it. The estranged couple currently have a son named Jack, who was born in August 2012.

"Anna wants a family that is pretty much together most of the time. She wants a base... Which for her has been Los Angeles. She wants more kids. The upshot... Anna wants a traditional family," a source told
"Chris, on the other hand, has had some life-changing experiences that has required him to adjust the balance between family and career. When he married Anna back in 2009, she was much
bigger than him.
"He's now at the top of the Hollywood food chain, and with that comes opportunities that take him all over the world, shooting movies that take him away from home for months at a time. He doesn't want more kids... at least not in the foreseeable future, because he can't juggle a growing family with his career," the source added.
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