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COVID-19: India creates first cement suit to protect health workers

A one of its kind Corona suit CoValor-21, made of waterproof cement fabric, expected to protect people from getting infected by COVID 19, could be a one-time solution for the doctors and police personnel in this time of pandemic.

Somesh Singh, Co-founder of Craft Village and former director of The Institute of Apparel Management created a suit that can be slip in within seconds. He said, "The uniform is air-tight, blocking everything else that is less than 0.05 Microns as CoVid-19 carries particles ranging from 0.06 microns to the largest is 0.14 microns. In this way, the suits are designed to offer 95-99% protection."

One doesn't have to carry mobile phones as the suit has a chip embedded with detachable audio enhancers to solve listening and talking issues.

To tackle the sanitisation issue, the uniform has an inbuilt sanitising process and DE-infect spray can be used to get rid of the virus on the surface. It can also be left in the sun for getting sanitised by infrared rays and ultraviolet rays. Police suits are built with folding helmets with high visibility glow-in-the-dark feature to make it visible in the absence of light

As informed by Somesh, each suit will fall in the range of Rs 3500 - 5000 depending upon the quality of the material. He further said that the cement fabric is ready, the intermediate and lining are all in place. "It just needs to be put together." He is hopeful that the prototype will be ready post April 15 and will be sent for testing. He is willing to share the specification with the industry so that they can produce it as well.

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