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'Content is the new entertainment'

Rajkummar feels, definition of entertainment is definitely changing and he is glad that he get to contribute to this change

Content is the new entertainment

Actor Rajkummar Rao, who has delivered some path-breaking performances since his Bollywood debut, says content is the new entertainment – whether it is through the web, films or audio – and that he is glad to be part of such a welcome change.

"I think content is the new entertainment. People want to experience something new, be it on-screen or audio. The definition of entertainment is definitely changing and I'm glad that I get to be a part and contribute to this welcome change."

Rajkummar, along with actors Radhika Apte and Kalki Koechlin have come together for the first time to narrate the audible adaptation of Hussain Zaidi's novel, 'Mafia Queens of Mumbai'.

Asked how important is it for such stories to be told, he said, "I think it's extremely important because till date we only know about the men in mafia, but these remarkable women are worth knowing, the situations that shaped their lives and the emotions that shaped their destiny." Did he get a chance to read the book? "I not only got to narrate the 'Mafia Queens of Mumbai', but also discover the complex situations, characters and uncertainty that shaped each of these women's stories. Through the book I discovered a whole new Mumbai. The character that I liked the most was of 'Sapna Didi' – the way she changed herself to avenge her husband, her life...It is so powerful. I was not only narrating her story, but also listening to it for the first time and it was fascinating. For me, Sapna's story was a thriller and romance combined into one."



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