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Charlize Theron has taken a 'dip in the lady pond'

Actor Charlize Theron has revealed that she has had sexual relations with women during her younger years. Theron, who stars in an X-rated lesbian love scene in new movie "Atomic Blonde", says bisexual sex is not represented enough in films, reports

During an appearance on TV show "Watch What Happens Live", Theron was asked if she ever "took a dip in the lady pond?" She replied: "Ooh. When I was younger, yes. When you're young, you're exploring it all. But, it was pretty clear that I really like dudes."
The 41-year-old later said it was important for her Atomic Blonde character to be bisexual.
"Why not? It should be normalised by now. It's something not represented enough in cinema," she said. The Atomic Blonde actor, who has previously dated actors Stuart Townsend and Sean Penn, may be keen to date someone from outside Hollywood, but says it can be tough to meet people from outside the industry, reported Femalefirst.
"I hope not to. I really hope to meet somebody out of this business. It's hard though, it's tough," Theron says. The 41-year-old actor also laughs off recent speculation linking her with Halle Berry's former boyfriend Gabriel Aubry, insisting they have only briefly met once.
"No! I've never met him. I met him for like three seconds, like, passing I was just like, 'Hi!' because our kids go to the same school," she says.

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