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Candid Talks

Candid Talks

Dr Monica Kapoor, a well-established Celebrity Cosmetologist in the B-town, works extensively in making the actors look more attractive and presentable on screen. From Liposuction to scar treatment, facial implants, facelift, Chin augmentation, fat grafting and a lot more, Kapoor knows the art of correcting flaws. She has worked with innumerable actors, artists, and singers in her 5 year long career. During a candid conversation, she talks about the actors, their decision to undergo cosmetic treatments, cosmetic surgery mishaps and more.

An actor you want to give a makeover

There are many actors on the list, but mentioning a specific name would not be appropriate

Worst celebrity plastic surgery blunder

There are many but as long as I remember, Jitendra ji , Mumtaz, Koina Mitra, Rakhi Sawant, and Ayesha Takia were disastrous

Top three celebrities whose plastic surgeries/cosmetic treatment went right

I guess some cosmetic corrections on Katrina's lips and cheeks, Shama Sikander's jawline, Priyanka Chopra's lips, John Abraham's scars on cheeks, Salman Khan's hair are classic examples of good treatments

An actor of recent times who defines 'beauty'

Deepika Padukone, Kiara Advani and Alia Bhatt really defines beauty

One drawback of cosmetic treatment

Plastic surgery if gone wrong is permanent. You can't undo the damage. That's the only drawback I can think of right now

Cosmetic treatment trend of 2019

Cosmetic treatment trend of 2019 would be fair skin, thick and shaped eyebrows, fuller lips and shapely bodies

Most bizarre cosmetic surgery trend

Artificial six pack creation is something bizarre. Also eyelash transplant is extremely weird.

Your definition of perfection

I believe, a slight imperfection in our body makes us look better (perfect). Rest, if there is something major to be changed or corrected then cosmetic treatments are the best options

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