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Candid Talks

Candid Talks

Acclaimed film producer Shahnaab Alam's upcoming film Bhoga Khirikee (Broken Window) is garnering rave reviews for its compelling take on the abuse of power. Before the film's release, Millennium Post caught up with Alam to have a candid chat and get few fun questions answered. Take a look:

One actor whose choice of movies you admire

Daniel Day Lewis

One movie you wanted/want to produce

There are many...

Three words to describe regional cinema

Rooted, Original, Vibrant

What other profession do you think would have been a good option for you

Travel Writer

One personality whose biopic you would like to make

Lachit Borphukan, a legendary warrior from Assam

One actor you would like to cast in your dream venture

Depends on which 'dream venture' it is... every film is special, and every character chooses it's actor

Best compliment you have received so far...

That I choose good Screenplays

One perk of being a producer...

To be in a new place

Three things you can't live without...

Unrestricted thoughts, Uninhibited spaces and Free mind

Your guilty pleasure...

To taste new cuisines

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