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Beckinsale 'quite' likes being scared

Los Angeles: Actor Kate Beckinsale says it's scary to be alone for the first time in 20 years as her daughter Lily prepares to go to university. But that's not necessarily a bad thing for her. "It's incredibly exciting and scary. But then, I quite like being scared. I've lived under a structure of school terms for a long time," she said, reports

"Now I have this open landscape which I haven't had since I was 22. Separating is really hard, but it's really important. It's the time when you are really called on to be an adult, and the most adult thing you can do is let your children go," said Beckinsale, now 44.
She has stayed in Los Angeles. But the Pearl Harbor star has always missed Britain, where mother Judy and her close friends live.
"I go back a lot. In the last year or two I've gone back to England so many times and I had that feeling of an aching familiarity. Yet it felt quite different as well, and that made me feel really odd," she said.
"When you've been away from where you were brought up for more than five years, you're a stranger everywhere, unfortunately.
"I've been here in Los Angeles because Lily has been in school and we intended to stay for that
period. Now she's no longer
in school, that's not the case any more, and that's what is so lovely about this moment."

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