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'Audiences expect me to do my own stunts'

Action star Jackie Chan believes in doing his own stunts as his audiences expect him to do that.

The 63-year-old martial arts expert says using a stunt double would leave his fans feeling disappointed, reported Metro.
"I do my own stunts most of the time, that's what audiences expect from me. I used doubles in a few shots but I do over 90 per cent of my stunts."But I think action for me is still easy. Doing stunts is what I am best at," Chan says.
However, the Rush Hour actor also relies on special effects and "camera angles" to help him.
"Of course, I used some special effects and camera angles to help, but I think action for me is still easy," he added.
Chan says he trains with his stunt doubles, who he calls as his "brothers".
"We rehearse the stunts together. The JC Stunts Team was established in 1975. We spend most of our time together and they are like my brothers – we fight alongside each other." And because of the 'Shanghai Noon' star's hectic work schedule, the only time he gets to relax is when he is on a plane.
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