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'Always looking for that one great love'

Always looking for that one great love

Chennai: Actor Shruti Haasan has opened up about her personal life and says she always looks for "that one great love".

In a tête-à-tête with a journalist, the actor spilled the beans about her relationships and love life.

Journalist told Shruti: "You have had a few relationships." To which, Shruti said: "Only one!"

Journalist then said: "Ok, we all have relationships and heartbreaks, but what was your opinion about love and relation during the start of your career?"

Shruti's replied: "I was the cool type. I was very innocent, and everyone would boss around me. I am a very emotional person, that's why they could take over. I would say, it was a very good experience for me."

Shruti didn't stop here and gave a detailed insight.

"Even now there is no formula. Good people are good at good times and the same people are bad at times. But I have no regrets, it was overall a good experience for me. I have learnt a lot and it was a learning experience. But I always look for that one great love and I will be happy to announce that this is the one I have been waiting for."

"It's not a romantic cinema love, we know we are in cinema. Honestly, it's between two people who grow together for each other. World is full of judgement, so we should be able to understand and communicate with each other", she added.

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