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'2018 was a mixed bag'

Janhvi, whose mother, Sridevi, passed away earlier this year – believes her personal growth has been tremendous and she has emerged stronger

2018 was a mixed bag

Janhvi Kapoor recently said the year 2018 was a mixed bag for her as she had both the "worst and best experience" of her life in the same breath. The young actor's mother, Sridevi, passed away earlier this year, while she was still filming her debut, Dhadak. Jahnvi said her personal growth has been tremendous and she has emerged stronger in the trying times.

"It's harder to say anything... When I say growth', I mean personal growth, I don't know about artistic. This year brought me both the worst and the best experience of my life. It's a little strange... Our family is now united, so that is very big thing for me. But whatever happened that too was very heavy (tragedy). We are still in shock, so we haven't been able to process it properly. I'm really thankful for all the love that we have received and I got a chance to work, which is a big thing for me. I got a chance to make my parents proud, which is most important for me," she said.

Janhvi said the films that her father called the Golden Era' of Hindi cinema were ahead of time. I think they are way ahead of even our time. I feel we have got tangled into a trap, a commercial one. I think the freedom to tell the story was more earlier, she said. She pointed out films such as Mr and Mrs 55 as an example which celebrated the essence of feminism back in the day.

Madhubala has done such a beautiful job in the film. But more than that, the concept that the film raised. It dealt with feminism. Madhubala's character was so forward thinking. Her aunt was also in the film, whose character was more (conservative about) how girls should behave in a society. They did not present it as a issue, they slipped it in beautifully in the story.

"Whatever films that are coming today that's about a girl, suddenly we tag them as female-oriented' films. They make it a big deal that it does not have a hero. There have been so many films Mother India, Chaalbaaz, Sita Aur Geeta, Sujata, Bandini, among others. The girl was a hero in all these films. But they weren't tagged as female-oriented' ones. Calling Madhubala her favourite," she added,



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