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When Rohit Shetty is at it, it is best to leave your brains at home. And then when he teams up with the king of entertainment, the effort for sure is worth a good chuckle. 

If you are expecting any sense in Chennai Express, we suggest - don’t bother, stay at home, watch some Discovery channel - whatever. Chennai Express is a mindless entertainer and it works brilliantly at that. Shetty has scored a winner with his perfect star cast and the massive Eid release. 

Long story (rather lack of a story) short - Rahul (Shah Rukh Khan) - Naam to suna hoga, has to head to Rameshwaram to immerse the ashes of his grandfather, before he goes to Goa. In an effort to throw his grandmother off his back he boards the Chennai Express and runs into Meena (Deepika) who is running away from an arranged marriage. Oh, she’s the daughter of a don, who terrorises his little village, but he is a don who has a lot of fat, sweaty men under his command who are hot in Meena’s pursuit. Rahul has to battle the odds. End of story. 

Cars, coconuts and accents fly with entertaining speed in that part of town and it is all very good. A silly grin will be plastered on your face because it is all so bizarre that it is actually fun. Shah Rukh with his one-liners and expressions makes the movie worth a watch. Just one - you possibly cannot watch this movie again. While you are dying for the Lungi Dance, we also must add that Deepika is an absolute pleasure in the movie. She plays the role, with the crazy accent, with such conviction that it is rather becoming. At parts she seems more at ease with the madness than Shah Rukh is. 

The good part of
Chennai Express
is that Shah Rukh plays a 40-year old. Though he must romance a girl half his age - ladies and gentlemen, Rahul has finally graduated from college. In fact a lot of Chennai Express seems to be a tribute to all of SRK’s romantic flicks - which, needless to say, we thoroughly enjoyed. 

The movie can also boast of some stunning locales. However what it cannot boast of (one of the very many oddities) is the song - Kashmir main tu Kanyakumari - give the southern exotica a rest. The coconuts were enough. 

If you can manage to book your tickets this weekend - go for this. Definitely. It is awesome fun. 
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