Enjoyed working with Bejoy: Aditi

Enjoyed working with Bejoy: Aditi
Aditi Rao Hydari, who after Wazir has teamed up once again with director Bejoy Numbiar for a music video, finds him stubborn but enjoys working with him.

“I enjoy working with Bejoy a lot because he is stubborn. When an artiste is stubborn, then it is an incredible thing in him. As an artiste, you are open to suggestion but you are also clear about what exactly you want to do. 

“Whatever he has made until now reflected his conviction. Working under such director gives you confidence,” she said at the launch of song Arachar for Kerala-based band Thaikkudam Bridge. On the contrary, Nambiar spoke of an incidence from the shoot where he almost reduced her to tears.

“The shoot was almost over and Aditi packed up already as she wanted to go home. There was one more sequence left which required Aditi to get wet in the rain. I kept on convincing her but she said ‘No, that’s it I am done’ and left. And then unexpectedly I saw Aditi walking slowly to the set. She promised me that she will do the sequence but only for one time,” Nambiar said. He added that Aditi gave multiple takes for the sequence and stood 20 minutes in the rain. 
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