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Enigma canvassed

Enigma canvassed
Enigma is the collection of works that go beyond a realistic or documentary representation with the intent to fulfill a more creative exchange with the audience. The photography exhibition by Saba Hasan, Ravi Dhingra, Nin Taneja and Puja Bahri that started off on 7 November shares their personal vision as fine artistes. 

Each of the images is independent dialogue with abstract concepts like spirituality, the enigma of life and the conundrum that we humans confront in the wondrous flow of time. Yet together, as a collective with common sensibilities they bring all these forces into a contour of colours, forms and emotional textures to give shape to an even larger, more fascinating enigma.

Hasan has made a lot of significant contributions in the realm of contemporary art and has successfully developed works across media like painting, photography, book installations, video and sound.

Her photographs of the Hauz Khas park and lake area is being displayed at the show.  She has built a large body of photographs tracing these walks from 2007 to 2014 and mirrored these walks around Lake Geneva, Jardins des Plantes, Kyoto’s Zen Gardens and New York’s Central Park. These photographs are in her style of an abstract artiste lifting the image from a specific place or period to echo multiple meanings.

Saba’s images are a result of a deeply solitary exploration of colors, lines, shadows, for the love of light, of water, of the place itself and her long relationship with it Dhingra, with his photographs tries to bring out the emotions attached with every subject- the state of happiness, feelings of being sad, neglect and plight. He wants the viewer to get involved with the photographs and feel the emotions.

Taneja, in her art works draws an analogy between ‘The Sun’ and ‘The woman’. Both are creators that stand tall by some invisible force. Almost all her paintings have a circular ball of energy. the sun.

Her abstract figurative works follow a rhythm that verbalise her own relation with different patterns in life, in a calm state of mind connecting with nature.

Bahri’s repertoire includes paintings, digital and video art, and sculpture. She exhibits widely in India and abroad. She works as an interface between the folk and contemporary arts.
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