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Engineer sold to Saudi Arabia cattle farm on pretext of job

A 23-year-old automobile engineer from Naihati in North 24-Parganas has been sold to work like a slave in a cattle farm in Saudi Arabia after he was taken there with assurance of a better job.

Jayanta Biswas, a resident of Naihati, was in search of a job after the completion of his course of automobile engineering.

He had not got any satisfactory job here and contacted some touts in Delhi and Mumbai. The touts assured him all sorts of help to provide him with a job abroad.

They had taken Rs 1 lakh from him and gave a job offer letter of a company in Saudi Arabia in the beginning of this year.

They had suggested him to go to Riyadh in Saudi Arabia with a tourist visa. He was told that he would get a working visa if he stayed there for three months.

Jayanta went to Riyadh on May 15 and met the counterparts of the touts there. They took him to a local merchant who also owns a cattle farm. Jayanta was forced to start working in the cattle farm. He later realised that he was being sold out to the cattle owner and he had to work as a slave under him.

He was given food only once a day and he was beaten up mercilessly.

He had once attempted to flee from the farm, but was caught. He was beaten up mercilessly for trying to escape. A few days ago, he had become successful in running away from the cattle farm and went to a police station.

He narrated the entire incident to the police, who handed him over to an NGO.

But Jayanta had no respite as the cattle farm owner had lodged a complaint with the police against him alleging that he had fled after stealing 10,000 riyal. Thus, he was arrested. 

Rabindranath Biswas, Jayanta’s father, somehow contacted the touts in Delhi and Mumbai and sought their help to rescue his son. They asked for Rs 35,000 to help them.

Interestingly, Jayanta was released from jail there on October 27 after the money was given to the touts here.

But he is yet to return home. His family members have contacted the Ministry of External Affairs seeking help to bring back Jayanta.
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