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Enchanting relations of binaries

Enchanting relations of binaries
The show which will reflect his evolution as an artist will commence on 14 December and will continue till 15 January 2014.

The canvases are a unique and appealing juxtaposition between abstraction & realism. The female form always been dominant in his subject is mysterious and surreal. The confident strokes evoke an emotion in the viewer. As it’s art always evokes a reaction and response.

His forte being his relationship series has been taken to another platform in this exhibition. His canvases have a saga to narrate. It is up to the viewer to read it according to his/her perspective.
The greatest possibility of Asit Kumar Patnaik’s work emerges out of his productive equivocation.

There are distinct ways in which this new series of Patnaik’s work, Enchanting Relations, is a departure form of deepening and widening of some of the silent concerns informing his aesthetic project. It is best to clarify this apparent oxymoron - productive equivocation - especially since equivocation is often misunderstood as an obstacle to productivity.

The appeal of Patnaik’s craft is embodied in his deft negotiations between, and across, several binaries - figurative and abstract, man and woman, background and foreground, lines and colors, singular and plural. In that sense, Patnaik’s work resonates with the increasing propensity among critics and popular audience alike to warm up to the potential of ambivalent sensibilities. For quite some time now, it has rose among connoisseurs of art and literature, indeed of culture as a whole, a welcome discomfort with binaries and a corresponding openness to ambivalence.

When: From 14 December 2013 till 15 January 2014
Where: Chawla Art Gallery, Square One Mall, Saket, New Delhi
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