Enabling profitable farming with tea wine and lavender

Enabling profitable farming with tea wine and lavender
On the eighth day of the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) Platinum Jubilee Technofest – in the 36th India International Trade Fair (IITF) on Monday– the theme-based presentations touched several important aspects of farming and irrigation in India. The theme of the day was ‘Societal Interventions’; covering technological interventions that are socially and economically relevant for a large chunk of India’s Population.

Farmers, scientists and researchers attended a seminar as dignitaries from distinguished CSIR labs like CSIR-CIMAP, CSIR-CCMB, CSIR-CECRI, CSIR-CFTRI, CSIR-CLRI, CSIR-CSMCRI and CSIR-IHBT participated in the event. 

Talking about the industry interference in the farming methods, Pankaj Shah from CSIR-CIMAP said, “Industries try to suppress the farmers. CSIR-Central Institute of Medicinal & Aromatic Plants (CIMAP) has helped considerably in dealing with seasonal farming problems in drip irrigation.”

Addressing the seminar, Dr Sudeep Kumar, Head, Mission Directorate CSIR, said, “CSIR’s objective is to reach masses through technology interventions.” The session was also addressed by Bharat Bhushan from CSIR-Indian Institute of Integrative Medicine (IIIM). 

He said, “Lavender cultivation can be done on barren land. A large number of farmers face less problem as aromatic plants market is profitable. Honey extraction is also benefited with the flower cultivation as bees get attracted towards aroma and the quality of honey improves.”

The pavilion of ‘Societal Interventions’ displays aromatic products and drinks from different CSIR labs. The lab-produces incense sticks made of used flowers offered to deities in the temples. The health drinks like Indus Berry and Shivalik, developed by CSIR-IIIM, Jammu, have medicinal value. A special Tea Wine made by CSIR-IHBT was the center of attraction for visitors. It is a low alcoholic fermented beverage made from tea and tea waste, having pleasant aroma and flavor and is a health drink containing natural anti-oxidants.

MoUs signing and technology transfer concluded the event. It included two agreements by CSIR-IIIM, one MoU each by CSIR-IHBT and CSIR-CLRI in the presence of Minister for Social Welfare and Empowerment, Thaawar Chand Gehlot, Chief Guest at CSIR Technofest. 

CSIR-IGIB conducted activities for school students, quiz for general audience and lecture on Diabetes by Anil Gaikwad, CSIR-Central Drug Research Institute.


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