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Election Commission orders two FIRs against Anubrata Mondal

Anubrata Mondal, Trinamool Congress president of Birbhum district, has stolen all the attention during the elections in the district on Sunday after the Election Commission (EC) restricted his movement outside Bolpur and kept him under constant watch. But the day didn’t end well for Mondal as EC lodged two FIRs against him. 

Mondal had been in limelight for the past few days for his statement on distribution of gur batasa (sugar drop candy made out of jaggery) during the elections as it is taking place under the scorching heat of sun. His statement on playing of drums (dhaak) out of joy, which is a usual practice in various pujas, is now the hot topic being discussed across the state.

Like every election, Mondal was in the party’s office situated close to his house in Bolpur since the morning with many newsmen eagerly waiting to get his sharp but polite reply against the scathing attack of the Opposition.

When asked to give reaction on Sunday’s election in Birbhum, he said: “The election passed off peacefully. I am confident of winning all the 11 Assembly seats in the district.”

In a reply to a question on playing of drums, Mondal sarcastically said that images of Goddesses Basanti were immersed on Saturday night. Thus, beats of drums were heard on Saturday night as per the tradition.

It may be mentioned that Mondal had been under the constant watch of a Deputy Magistrate along with jawans of Central Force since Saturday morning. A videographer was also posted to record Mondal’s movement.

He visited party offices in different Assembly constituencies in the district on Saturday and it was recorded by the videographer deployed by the EC. On Sunday morning, too, the Deputy Magistrate, Central Force jawans and the videographer were present outside his house. Mondal initiated his day a bit late on Sunday and went to the party’s office.

In the afternoon, he went to cast his vote on a motorbike. The Deputy Magistrate, Central Force jawans and the videographer couldn’t follow him as there was no enough space for their car to pass through a particular area.

Mondal got entangled into another controversy as he went inside the polling booth and cast his vote with the emblem of his party’s symbol on his kurta.

Later, he apologised in the media that he had forgotten that the emblem was on his kurta and went inside the polling booth to cast his vote.

Though he repeatedly said that he respect the EC, he was dragged into controversy for his statements like “Anubrata is doing Anubrata’s job and EC is doing EC’s job”. Later, in the evening CEO Sunil Gupta said that an FIR against Mondal has been lodged on charges of “disobedience to order duly promulgated by public servant” under Section 188 of the Indian Penal Code and another one for going to vote with the party’s emblem on his kurta.
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