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When darkness silenced music

When darkness silenced music
The city of lights, opulence and extravagance, was jolted out of its surreal fairy tale. An enjoyable night of music and camaraderie drew to a bitter close, as an armed gunman indiscriminately shot at 22,000 people gathered for the Route 91 Harvest festival concert at Las Vegas, Nevada. Recognised as Stephen Paddock, the shooter who ultimately died of gun wounds had positioned himself on the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino, from where he fired a rain of bullets on the concert goers, enjoying their night of frivolity barely 500 yards away. It was a most condemnable attack, which has shocked the entire American community and beyond. At least 58 people have died so far and more than 400 remain injured. The numbers are shocking, especially when reminded that a lone-man had carried out this massacre, comfortably positioning himself at one of the largest casino resorts in Las Vegas. This has been the worst gun attack in the history of modern American society. With 58 deaths this has overtaken the brutal killings that were witnessed last year in a nightclub in Orlando, where 48 people were left dead. The number at 58, is sadly, only a preliminary detail with high chances of the toll rising above 60. The crowd that was enjoying the headlining act of Jason Aldean, was completely taken by surprise when hundreds of bullets came raining down. Initially mistaken for fireworks, the crowd was left with little joy as people started dropping dead to the ground and hundreds scurried to protect their loved ones. Videos emerging from the witnesses have captured the helpless yelling of innocent music aficionados as shots continued to be mercilessly fired in the background. As policemen reached the grounds and hurried to the 32nd floor of the Mandalay resort, they were greeted by Paddock with some more firing which injured an officer in the knee. Eventually, Paddock died, it is still, however, unclear whether he shot himself or died in police retaliation. Evidently, Paddock had no connections with any terror groups, neither was he linked to any kind of crime before this event. His family recognised him as a lone wolf and a wealthy accountant who played high-hands in poker. His brother when informed of Paddock's merciless act, reacted in complete surprise, taken aback by the fact that they had been absolutely unaware of the criminality fuming silently in their dear brother's mind. Amaq, the news agency of the infamous terror outfit ISIS, claimed responsibility for the attack, stating that a soldier of the Islamic State had carried out the attack as "a response to calls to target the states of the coalition." This was a direct reference to the US-led coalition fighting the Islamic State in the Middle East. Though ISIS claimed that Paddock had converted to Islam only a few months ago, there is no evidence supporting this claim. A thorough search has been conducted in the Mandalay Resort room from where the police have acquired over 23 instruments of ammunition. From Paddock's home in Mesquite, Nevada, another 19 rifles and guns have been traced along with a thousand rounds of ammunition and explosives. The police have also found several pounds of ammonium nitrate, a key component for making bombs, in Paddock's car. The scale of rifles and ammunition owned by Paddock is scary, to the say the least. And, this is despite him not having any immediate connections with larger terror outfits. This incident has sparked widespread anger among communities that rally against the rampant, unauthorised use of rifles and guns within the American society. If it is proven that Paddock was not motivated by any larger goals, or was not associated with any terror groups, it would be a harsh reminder for American society about the kind of ill it fuels within its own territories. The gun usage in American has been a serious basis for contentious debates, and this act is a harsh reminder that more must be done to prevent the disguised devils from creating their hell within the harmony of society. This was also the first major shoot-out in the reign of erstwhile President Donald Trump. Trump actively took to the Press stating his complete sympathy for the victims and their families whose lives were lost in a cacophony of bullets and pleasing country music. "A pure act of evil," said Trump referring to the attack in Las Vegas, where he is scheduled to visit this Wednesday. The police department of the city spent the entire night evacuating people and locating many concert-goers who had sought temporary refuge in nearby hotels and lounges. The growth of terror, almost every second now, is a terrible phenomenon that is devastating modern-day accomplishments. Yet, despite the magnanimity of these occurrences, somewhere, the rational mind is not so taken aback by these instances anymore. Our cognizance now toes the line, almost accepting indiscriminate killing as just another fateful day. Prayers for all those savaged by ruthless firing in Las Vegas, it is high-time America gears itself to postulate laws that are able to control the unethical possession of firearms.

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