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Unmasking miscreants?

Unmasking miscreants?

With masked miscreants still on the loose, Delhi Police yesterday came up with nine names in connection to the JNU violence and images to support their stand. Of the nine names, most were identified as belonging to left organisations with JNUSU president Aishe Ghosh — who sustained head injuries in the attack — leading the list. An independent investigation carried out by India Today however presented a contradicting picture. In a video captured by India Today's team, a possible assailant who identified himself as an activist of ABVP, confessed that he mobilised mobs from within and outside the campus. The video captures Akshat Awasthi citing how the attack occurred in retaliation for an assault allegedly perpetrated by the Left students on Periyar hostel the same day earlier, saying how "it was a reaction to their action". While Delhi Police pinned the blame prima facie on Left-wing students, the contradictory footage showcased involvement of Right-wing students in the horrific attack. While the police said that investigation is on, their findings quickly reverberated across the political spectrum with none other than Union Ministers themselves bragging police findings in a rather unappreciated manner. Union Ministers Smriti Irani and Prakash Javadekar, discounting the ongoing investigation, amplified the findings, citing Left involvement and design in the violence inside the campus. For the position these ministers hold and the power of influence they emanate, the reaction was rather arbitrary. It is understood that until proven, no one's guilty. Besides, the Delhi Police did not furnish fine details or eye-opening evidence anyway but given the polarising debate Twitteratis can resort to, the press-conference statements were enough; so was the India Today's special investigation. While the polarising debate on social media is inevitable, seeing Union Ministers jump to a conclusion without established facts is rather unfortunate. No doubt there were inciting statements from the opposition camp but the two ministers failed to realise that they were elected representatives of the Indian government first and party member second. After all, DCP Joy Tirkey himself admitted that yesterday's press conference was merely to update the press as interrogating the suspects will begin soon. There cannot be two versions of the same event. Unmasking miscreants is imperative and while there appears to be involvement from both sides, it is not correct to use facts from a pending investigation for blaming anyone.

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