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Towards greater expectations

Men and women in black robes have restored the faith of many at times when public upset over social issues was rewarded with nothing but ambiguity. The nation has lately witnessed a reinvigorated intervention from the Apex Court as the principal guardian of the law. Indeed, the recent developments on various fronts in the social set up of India stand testimonial to the Supreme Court's stance of a liberator. What captivates attention very subtly is the reverberating fact how the land which has been infested by the termites of patriarchy is been subjected to basic disinfection. As women empowerment seemingly tightens its grip on the lines of eliminating social stereotypes that have ravaged the equation of equality among citizens, the so-called most advanced species, an unhurried wind promulgates gender equality. Invalidation of Triple Talaq, decriminalisation of consensual gay sex, and most notably, the allowing of women to enter Sabarimala shrine encompasses a small flame of change that propagates the idea of women empowerment in a land that grieves on critical numbers of violence against women, adding shamingly to a grand cluster of misogyny that has stained the nation since time immemorial.

It is a relief to witness the sanctity of the Supreme Court in curbing the clutches of any form of oppression, nevertheless the deep scratches of religion and colonial order that the nation has sustained. Apart from strengthening our trust in it, the Supreme Court seems to have donned the garb of Messiah, owing to the pace and precision that was accompanied in resolving matters that turned the eyes of the entire nation. It is of commendable importance how the former CJI Dipak Misra, along with a learned bench of justices, rewarded the nation with a series of crucial judgements. The general outlook to these recent verdicts does establish a fact that how, in its capacity, the Apex Court is very much capable of bringing things to order at a pace everyone desires. The successive judgements give a proactive impression of the Supreme Court, one they might carry forward with Gogoi. These Constitutional benches working out the rationality over a majority to eradicate social stigmas and resolve conflicts that predate them reflects a beautiful picture of a democratic country progressing towards a healthy future, especially since it keeps witnessing gory pictures to draw a contrast. One can hope to be optimistic about the coming times since we draw probabilities based on the current scenario. It should mean that SC has raised the bar of expectations while surging a general energy upon the nation regarding its recent feats.

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