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Shoot the law

Gun laws in America are haywire, uncontrolled, and the leading factor that is propelling terrorism in the country. A series of mass killings—from Texas to Virginia, to Las Vegas, has reiterated only this—how easy it is for an average citizen to gain access to guns, irrespective of the motive that would spur such a desire, which is neither productive nor adequately defensive. Only two days ago, an Indian student was shot down at a grocery store in California, by robbers, one of whom is allegedly a man of Indian origin. The Republican government has failed to commence any change in this regard. Possibly to safeguard the interests of the weapon manufacturers and law-abiding gun collectors who form a massive clout in the United States. Though President Trump might come up and say time and again that mass shooting is reflective of mental disorder, he has refused to initiate any process that would check the unhindered access that citizens have to guns.

The horrific shooting in Vegas during a concert which killed 58 innocent people perplexed the police forces who could not identify a direct motivation that would convince the shooter from carrying out such a large-scale massacre. There was no terrorism here, neither were there bearded men in flowing robes. There was an ordinary citizen who clearly had underlying mental conditions and of course the unhindered access to weapons and modifiers which he used to transform his guns into automatic machine guns that would fire several more bullets than the ordinary rifle. For the rest of the world, American society, despite its progress, has been a strange society harbouring the most aberrant tendencies. No civilisation in their right minds would allow for the usage of guns simply as a means of self-defence. While Trump may say that lax gun laws actually save lives as it provides counter-balance, it is a laughable proposition.

'Only guns will save us from guns'—the idea voraciously propagated by the National Rifle Association is really quite nonsensical. It is clear now, that the unabashed use of guns has done much more to damage American society, taking hundreds of innocent lives over the years rather than providing protection in the face of terrorism. A lone man with a gun and evil thoughts is capable of rampaging so many lives that have had no association with violence. In the face of terrorism, no guns have ever come out to protect the society. Yet, to cause damage, there are endless instances where ordinary citizens have sought refuge in the bullet to hamper others' living. Given the innumerable instances of unethical gun use and lives lost on meaningless accounts, its way beyond time that the government of USA steps up to take notice and bring about a revolutionary change in America's gun laws. Bringing this change would probably be the only way that Trump can affix his place in American hearts, possibly winning a second round of elections for another term in office.

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