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Reminiscing India's freedom

The year 2017 is reminiscent of India's glorious history in several ways. April marked 100 years of the remarkable Champaran protests. Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi had stepped in on a hot, summer's day in Bihar to fight for the plight of the beleaguered Indigo farmers, who were radically oppressed at the hands of their British masters. This year also marks the 75th year of the Quit India movement, also launched by Mahatma Gandhi, to evacuate the British from the country. On August 15, India will also accomplish 70-years of its Independence.

We have indeed come a long way from a time when the powerful Congress had rallied to chase the Imperial British forces out of the country to a time when slogans are being raised blaming the Congress of being imperial, and ideas of a 'Congress-mukt Bharat' are swiftly floating around several civic circles. The early 20th-century had gifted India with the most powerful leaders who were able to provide direction to the masses; while albeit committing mistakes, they were nevertheless able to hold their ground when facing the monster from the West. 2017, is indeed a special year for Indian Independence, though a lot of the freedom has unfortunately been clouded under the guise of violence, witnessed in several parts of the country in the last few months.

Yet, pinning hopes on brighter days ahead, the Government has launched several initiatives to reinvigorate the glory of nationalism and instil a sense of love and pride among citizens of the nation. Prime Minister Modi is launching a 15-day programme where members of all parties have been requested to set out amidst the population to narrate to their fellow citizens stories of India's freedom struggle. This initiative aims to remind the youth and citizens of our country of the sacrifices made by our freedom fighters, focussing specifically on the period between 1857-1947.

The Parliament is also scheduled to pass a special resolution tomorrow celebrating 75-years of the Quit India movement. Here, all party spokespersons will be allowed to voice their opinions, and the Speaker will ultimately pass a resolution commemorating this historic struggle. Incidentally, September 1, also marks 75-years of Subhas Chandra Bose's Indian National Army. For this, the National Archives is scheduled to conduct an exhibition of all declassified files, which are to be put on display, available for public scrutiny. The freedom struggle is a highlight of India's glorious history.

Remembering our brave freedom fighters, led by the Father of the Nation, could be crucial at a time like today's when violence is rapidly spreading and a lost sense of hope has burdened the hearts of many. When perturbing questions on the nature of 'azaadi' resonate across circles in society it is imperative to remember the 'light of our lives', who had fatefully said- "Ours is not a drive for power, but purely a non-violent fight for India's Independence." A 'non-violent fight' (while a glaring oxymoron) demands calm deliberation, the kind that is totally amiss today when muscle and masculinity are deemed infinitely more desirable.

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