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Perceiving the police

The common understanding of police is that it is an agency of the state that is focussed on eradicating the miscreants in society in general, removing any elements of inconvenience or hassle to the common people. This most relatable perception of the police, however, is the negative impression of the law and order-maintaining institution which should be corrected. From bring a fear-instilling entity, the image of police ought to be of one that is faith-instilling. While inaugurating the new Delhi Police headquarters, Union Home Minister Amit Shah called for an image makeover of force and this is a very worthwhile objective as when people have more faith than fear in this institution, achieving the common objective of law and order, peace and harmony, and general security and stability in society and nation at large becomes easier. It is also crucial to understand that setting up new infrastructure is not an equivalent of the reforms that are much-needed in the police sector. Inaugurating the new Delhi Police headquarters at Jai Singh Road on Thursday, the Minister asked the force to be proactive and responsive towards redressing grievances of the public. Acknowledging that being people-friendly is essential to good and effective policing, the government has been taking steps trying to make people understand the challenges that police face every day. The Home Minister expressed that "To make the 'law and order' system accessible to all, police must be sensitised and must help the public with their grievances. Also, we (public) need to change our perception and understand the sacrifices the police make for us since they work day and night to protect us." A public service-oriented police has to be the means of transforming the image of this agency and instilling a better sense of what the spirit of policing is. The police stand at the forefront of the security of those living in the country and it is favourable that police does not exist as a deterrent force while it selflessly performs its duty. A change of perception is indeed requisite for a more fulfilled delivery of services.

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