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No holds barred

No holds barred
Political correctness is the one essential quality that is completely amiss among the politicians of our country today. Whether it is an opposition leader taking a dig at our 'tea-seller' Prime Minister, or whether it is the ruling party belittling 'pappu' for his dynastic possession, we are at an all-time low in dignified diplomacy. The dignified glamour of Indira Gandhi or the reticence of Atal Behari Vajpayee has today been replaced by the chide remarks of flag-bearing men (mostly), who thump their chest in pleasure—as if physical prominence would supersede intellectual cognizance in political decision making. Just as the country was recuperating from the evil strike of events in Kathua, Unnao, and Surat, a leader with an inappropriate comment struck again. The newly appointed Deputy Chief Minister of Jammu & Kashmir, Kavinder Gupta, in a poignant observation of the Kathua rape case, said after immense deliberation that the matter was a 'small concern', blown out of proportion for irrational gains. His astute political understanding is envious. While the ruling party has made remarkable strides in effectively communicating its ideas of economic brilliance to the population, it is failing miserably in teaching its own cadres about the priceless value of political decorum. First, you had the Hindu Ekta Manch rallying to protest the arrest of the accused in the horrific Kathua case, where an eight-year-old innocent child was deprived of her right to life, dignity, and freedom. Now, you have entitled men providing crisp pieces of mindless advice in a pointless attempt to enrich the discourse. While it is terrible to think that a sane human being may consider the Kathua incident to be 'small' and normal—perhaps, it really is. Given the proliferation of crime against women and children in society, particularly by muscle-flexing, power-mongering individuals—it isn't much of a surprise that the Deputy CM found the incident, small. Rape is no longer an isolated occurring, it is a dangerous culture that has permeated through specific sections of our society, where rape CDs are sold for as cheap as Rs 20 and jokes of forced sex are rampantly circulated on WhatsApp, without shame, remorse or a peek into the conscience. Gupta isn't a product deprived of social conditioning. He is as much a man as those who are harbouring violent intent within them. Yet, as a member of the country's public office, proudly switching on the red siren at the offset of a traffic signal or enjoying the luxury of subsidised travel and accommodation – he owes protection to the society. A protection that must be derived by conditioning his own conscience first. In the quest of securing votes, our country's electoral system has been butchered and office bearers are mere specks of their ideals. This 'small' incident is not a slip of the tongue, it is a reflection of societal conscience. These are dangerous times.
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