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No child's play

No childs play

As Assam Cabinet decides that those with more than two children will be ineligible for government jobs from 2021, the two-child policy has been gaining grounds in Indian states. Many states have even decided to bar people with more than two children from contesting elections. The two-child policy in the state places restrictions on parents who have more than two children. Several points of arguments for and against this policy stand valid but the fact that is of greater relevance is that a state policy pertaining to such a personal decision of individuals reaching a rather uniform level leaves out some intricate aspects of the matter. Although there is no legal challenge to two-child policy and given that India is bustling with a demographic dividend, most of whom are in marriageable age, directing the possibility of the population's growth cannot be an effort in isolation but will have to have necessary supplementary system. A greater population is but greater human resource and what is actually required is actual and functional methods to harness this resource. With the lingering effects of unemployment of present times, the generations in the coming years can very likely be in a scenario that could not be assessed today. More over, with a qualification of only two children for the coveted government jobs, there crops a concern for the girl child in the largely middle-class Indian society which tends to be regressive regarding matters of gender sensitivity. There is a solid chance that women end up with compromised autonomy since they are not the decision-makers in a regular household. While multiple petitions in court are seeking a two-child cap on Indian families, there is also the very crucial aspect that this is a misplaced demand. It is common sense that a better division of resources can be ensured if there are fewer takers but actually must be made a priority is striking a balance, not just in family planning priorities but also between development and common social needs. Addressing the concerns of young couples could be a good start.

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