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Mongering terror

The Rohingya crisis has only deepened with time. The stateless, homeless refugees of Myanmar who have been the victim of a ferocious drive of ethnic cleansing in the Buddhist majority country, have fled the state in the fear of execution in the hands of the army. 600,000 Rohingyas have escaped and entered Bangladesh and India. Though repeated assertions are being made to limit this emergency as a crisis solely pertaining to the state of Myanmar, the process of globalisation that has brought the entire world on one platter does not allow for such containment. Denied citizenship and subject to human rights abuse, the Rohingyas today present the world with the largest crisis that is bubbling to grow into a full-fledged terror threat, provided it garners the support from the hoodlums furthering such tendencies. Recent reports have surfaced, suggesting that prominent Dubai and Pakistan based Rohingya leaders have roped in the support of Jamaat-ud-Dawa to espouse the cause of Rohingya migration by extending them support through financial donations. While it is a commendable move that would protect the lives of the thousands who are left penniless without the basic needs of sustenance, it brims with the possibility of this community positing a future terror threat to mainland Asia. The methods and actions of the JuD are not unknown to anyone living in the subcontinent. That their intentions will be divorced from cocooning a collective of terror harbingers would be a premature conclusion. Like Kashmir, where the lack of government intervention nourished a space for homegrown terrorists that India is battling now, the Rohingyas who lack any kind of formal support could be manipulated by power mongers and converted into gun-wielding actors furthering the execution of terror threats. The Rohingyas are a vulnerable lot who will succumb to the easiest hand of support extended to them, without realising the consequences of accepting such a seemingly helpful hand. Abject poverty and the lack of educational awareness leaves them vulnerable to the hands of manipulators who can tap into this populace in the name of providing support and quickly capture them to become terror mongers. Their need and subservience to those who supported them in the times of need will provide the perfect incubation for creating another group of deadly militants, who arising from poverty and antipathetic to state initiatives will be more than willing to bring down establishments that further nationalism and bureaucracy. Suu Kyi, once a Nobel Peace Prize winner, has been severely reprimanded for her stance towards this exodus; yet the international community has done little to house these immigrants. The news of espousing support from JuD does not spell entirely well for the fate of the Rohingyas, who can, in the long-run, become the vehicle for terror mongers to further their heinous activities of spreading violence. The international community must take notice of this aberration and house the homeless. We are at the brink of giving birth to a new community brimming with hatred towards modern civilisation, who will not bat an eyelid before wielding the gun to bring down the powerful establishment that never empathised in the time of its needs.

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