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Goodbye, Godman!

Goodbye, Godman!

Godmen in our country make news for the wrong reasons more often than for the right reasons, despite whatever their religion would ideally prescribe. The recent furore surrounding Ram Rahim Singh, the self-styled Godman popular in Haryana and Punjab brought to the forefront, yet again, how corruption and an absence of morality have swiftly made its way among the population of today, even among those deemed to be the most pious. The CBI probe led by Judge Jagdeep Singh had convicted Ram Rahim Singh guilty of all charges in allegations surrounding the rape of two women, which he had committed in 2002. There is little scope for forgiveness, or redemption when the sin is as grave as rape—the worst kind of violence that can be inflicted on the body of any individual. Ram Rahim, sources believe, broke down in the court, pleading his guilt and seeking for forgiveness.

But, it is too late to seek for forgiveness given the intensity of the sin. Friday had witnessed massive violence across Haryana, especially in Panchkula where the judgment was taking place. 38 people lost their lives and several more were grievously injured as Ram Rahim was shown his rightful place inside the prison, now with 20 years of jail term. He was airlifted out of Panchkula to be safely escorted to Rohtak, where he was lodged in the outskirts of the town at the Sunaria prison, where the detailed verdict was subsequently announced.

The violence witnessed on Friday had compelled the state machinery of Punjab and Haryana to adopt strict measures that would safeguard innocent citizens and public property from being destroyed by the fanatics who were on a rampage since last Friday. The two state governments of Punjab and Haryana remained on high alert with officials warning strictly that all violent miscreants would be shot at sight, describing the situation as grave and "challenging." Sources say that the victims along with the CBI and Ram Rahim's defence are both going to appeal for different verdicts. The victims who had pressed for a punishment of life imprisonment will re-appeal for the same, as has also been vouched by the CBI; while Ram Rahim's lawyers will move to higher courts demanding for a subtle ruling as opposed to the present sentence.
For now, though, Ram Rahim will be safely lodged at Sunaria prison, where, after a thorough health check-up he will be allotted a prison cell. Ram Rahim's sentence brings in a fresh hope that justice and truth still hold enough significance to see the end of the day. Despite massive muscle power, enormous influence, and a large base of supporters the verdict against Ram Rahim is an optimistic reminder that the voices of a few powerless individuals can gain massive velocity even in the face of raging, corrupt muscle flexing—as long as truth remains the prerogative.

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