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Fault in the stars

Fault in the stars
In an unfortunate turn of events, several stars have found themselves in places they wouldn't have been in otherwise, owing to the privilege and security that corresponds with their prized publicity. Hollywood has been abuzz with rumours of sexual harassment, in the recent past, with several women speaking up against renowned film producer Harvey Weinstein, whose plethora of sexual offences across years, have only recently surfaced. Following the public knowledge of his discreetly carried out misdemeanours, Oscar winner Kevin Spacey came under the public scanner, as his offences were brought to the fore. Allegedly facing accusations for assaulting a man in London in 2008, he has also been publicly accused of attempting to rape a 15-year old in New York and also making undue advances on a 14-year old. Spacey, who has already been dropped by his publicist and agent was also given a black letter by Netflix, the streaming giant, who owes a large part of its success to Spacey for popularising the forum. Spacey stars on House of Cards, a Netflix original, popular the world over for its gripping storyline and impeccable acting. As the production for the last season is underway, scheduled to go on air in 2018, Netflix cancelled its contract with Spacey, dropping him from its final season, while also abandoning the release of its upcoming film, Gore, that starred the popular actor. "Netflix will not be involved with any further production of House of Cards that includes Kevin Spacey," a spokesperson said. The channel also said it would, "evaluate our path forward as it relates to the show." Spacey, who seemed to have been in a comfortable place in his life, has his entire world tumbling apart as his career seems to be trotting on a back foot. Closer home, our celebrities haven't been bereft of unfortunate circumstances. Not as humongous as a sexual offence, their immediate fortune did not extend a hand of support to provide the needed cushioning.

Member of Parliament, Hema Malini, was visiting the Mathura junction railway station for an inspection of infrastructure and a brainstorming session for its improvement. What was intended to be a time of logging heads on the future of the junction was instead replaced by a raging bull, logging horns at the MP, who ran down the station to the platform and "suddenly came quite close to her." The poor animal knew little of distinguishing between a local and an MP; running down the platform scaring bystanders could've been its everyday evening ritual. But alas, Wednesday evening wasn't like any other evening; perhaps the intimation of a VIP guest's scheduled visit hadn't reached the innocent four-legged beast. What ultimately resulted was the suspension of the station manager KL Meena and a resolution to take steps that would prevent unruly ways of stray animals. Only if the bull had been a cow!
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