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Failing Trump

The Trump government faced a strong whiplash at the UN General Assembly, as 128 countries voted against the US's move to recognise Jerusalem as the official capital of Israel. To recall, Jerusalem has been the hotbed of controversy, with both Israel and Palestine claiming its stakes on the city, recognising it as their official capital. A universal declaration restricts the resolution of Jerusalem solely as a matter of contention between the two parties involved—namely Israel and Palestine. The UN and the rest of the world have refrained from entering negotiations or passing verdicts when it came to the fate of this holy city. Since the 1980s, when the UN had declared Israel's annexation of Jerusalem as a violent disobedience of international law, all countries that had so forth located their embassies in Jerusalem, moved out to duly recognise Tel Aviv as the administrative head of the state of Israel. Since then, the matter of Jerusalem remains unresolved for the both the Palestinians and the Israelis. After Donald Trump reversed all laws of his predecessors to reinstate Jerusalem as the lawful capital, violent protests had broken out between supporters of both states, as a stake to the holy city is a matter of great contention. The Trump government, habitually exercising its muscle flexing, came back strong to state that the US embassy would be relocated, much to the joy of Netanyahu and the rest of Israel, without considering the crisis it would set forth for the governance in place. The UN has harshly reprimanded Trump's move, yet he continued to remain undeterred. India's vote, which matched the majority that rejected the Trump government's calling, was greatly anticipated, considering the proximity it shares with both Trump and Netanyahu. However, India displayed its commitment to resolving peace in the region and disregarded Trump's move that completely jeopardises the fate and state of affairs in the holy city. While many believed Trump would reverse his move, learning from his mistake and reflecting upon the reprimands it received from the international community, the Trump government instead came down harshly upon those that had voted against his policy decision. Nikki Haley sent out a strong message saying that the US would remember this day of international sabotage that had shockingly questioned the US's sovereignty. The US's move belittles the entire Palestinian movement that has been on for the last several decades. Its open threat to the international community further highlights the disregard that the Trump administration hosts for the rest of the world when misaligning with its own prospects. Governance isn't child's play—it is time Trump realised the consequences of his decisions.
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