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Disgraceful sacking

Most US Presidents try and choose an excellent team, listen to their ideas and advice; but, after the firing of Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, it is obvious that President Donald Trump loves breaking conventions in his own way. Often, he does it in a manner that leaves the unsuspecting victim disgraced. In a little over 14 months that he has been in office, he has created a history of sorts by ensuring a record number of his "teammates" quitting or being forced out. While explaining why he got the CIA Chief, Mike Pompeo, to replace Tillerson, he said both of them were on the same "wavelength". Tillerson might have been a good man but they had disagreements especially on the Iran deal, he explained. What he failed to understand was that alternate views ought to have been welcomed. As for the Iran issue, the President is welcome to his ideas but how and why his immediate predecessor signed the deal after taking the allies into confidence ought to have been researched. Iran has, since, been kept in control or it might have gone the Pyongyang way. But both Trump and Pompeo think tearing up the Iran deal would be the best solution. There are prospects of more departures since he values personal loyalty over useful discussions. Speculation is rife about the fate of officials including Attorney General Jeff Sessions, White House chief of staff John Kelly and national security adviser HR McMaster. Restraining influences around the President have also loosened with the resignations of his confidante and communications director Hope Hicks and the corrosive impact of special counsel Robert Mueller's Russia probe. A Trump, sans control, is likely to give the rest of the world a better taste of the turmoil and disorder that has been rocking the White House. There was no secret that Trump and Tillerson clashed on issues like Iran, the best approach to North Korea and the Paris climate deal. Tillerson was the epitome of the corporate elite that had always spurned the brash Trump, just like Gary Cohn, the top economic adviser who left last week after Trump defied his advice and demanded tariffs on steel and aluminium imports. One of the first big issues for Pompeo will be the Iran deal. Trump has demanded that the European allies agree to change the pact by May or he will pull out. A pullout by Washington could fracture US relations with the European allies and leave America on the path to a military showdown with Iran. In perhaps the final straw for his relationship with Tillerson, Trump made the decision to meet Kim without consulting his Secretary of State.

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