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Depraved psyche

Depraved psyche
Even before the echoes of #MeToo campaign could subside, there has emerged the horrific case of Larry Nassar who was a physician to the U.S.Olympic Gymnasts' team. But his case would surely make it to the annals of criminal history. His victims included those that had become Olympic stars who had won medals with their dazzling performances over the years. What was not known was the sinister designs that the physician had for even those starting at the age of six. And, to think that all this had been happening for years. Were the young gymnasts too scared to speak up at that point in time? Were the other authorities not in the know of what had been going on? After seven days of listening to more than 160 girls, women and parents describe the impact of his sexual abuse, the disgraced gymnastics physician turned to the courtroom and quietly attempted an apology. Then Judge Rosemarie Aquilina read from an earlier letter of Nassar in which he expressed very different sentiments. He had complained about the length of his sentencing hearing, maintained that his touching of patients was legitimate medical therapy and termed some of the alleged victims' accounts "fabricated." As the judge read excerpts, some in the courtroom understandably gasped.
She then addressed Nassar directly."It was not treatment what you did; it was not medical. I wouldn't send my dogs to you, sir." He has been accused of sexually abusing more than 140 women. Finally, the judge delivered her sentence — a minimum of 40 years, a maximum of 175 years in Michigan state prison — effectively guaranteeing a life sentence for the 54-year-old former Michigan State University and USA Gymnastics team physician who also faces a 60-year sentence for federal child pornography crimes."I've just signed your death warrant," she said. Originally expected to take four days, the hearing ultimately spanned seven days and included testimony from 156 accusers, as many emboldened by the sight of the cathartic impact the statements appeared to have on others — came forward wishing to confront Nassar. They told of the shattered psyches, the suicide attempts and the torturous guilt that resulted from his abuse, under the guise of pain therapy, slipping his hand under their clothes, probing and fondling them. The worst of humanity and the best was witnessed in the last couple of days. How one voice could start a movement and how a reckoning could deliver justice. Before there was scope to heave a sigh of relief that justice had been done, came shocking revelations during the rich and famous "Men Only" Charity Dinner hosted by the Presidents Club at The Dorchester, London. A female finance journalist, disguised as s young waitress, exposed all details of groping, propositioning and worse. Even if two million pounds were raised, the contributions were rejected after the seedy details surfaced. The Club was disbanded, a few heads rolled and the expose and parliamentary rebuke "embarrassed" politicians, businessmen, bankers et all. Some habits, sadly, are yet to die.
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