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Criminal tusker

Criminal tusker

As the 35-year-old captured "rogue" elephant named 'Bin Laden' died in captivity in Assam, mankind in general ought to be compelled to spare a thought to the wildlife as an entity by itself and not just a close-to-nature engagement for humans to turn to as an escape form routine. Bin Laden was captured from Rongjuli forest division in Western Assam's Goalpara district after being tranquilised. Forest department then shifted the "rogue" to Orang national park the following day and he was named "Krishna" after he was captured. It is natural for a few "rogues" to exist in animal herds but the problems arise when these out cast animals entre human settlements in search for satiating their needs. Man has unapologetically intruded the spaces for wildlife and has claimed the lives of numerous animals in the inconsiderate pursuit of "development". But given that most rogue humans find little tolerance among their own kind, a rogue elephant is a massive problem posing about as big a danger to intrusive humankind. Although the forest department earlier planned to release the elephant in the wild, it was eventually decided that the elephant will be keep it in captivity in view of the strong public protest against releasing the rogue in the wild. People were apprehensive that the elephant might again attack nearby human habitations. While normally elephants between 6-7 years old are referred for taking into captivity, Krishna being kept it in custody has concerned wildlife activist here where he ultimately died of heart attack. This is an unfortunate incident for which no one could be blamed in particular, but the fact the leaving no room for the wild to be free is a reality created by the greed and thoughtlessness of humans.

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