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Pakistan may have imposed all possible international aspects to India's sovereign decision on Kashmir which radically changed its status from a state to a Union Territory bringing the contentious region directly under the control of the Central Indian government, but the bid to consolidate international support against India has had but one international leader standing the good ground and acknowledging the sovereignty of a nation in implementing its decision for it deems fit for the welfare of its people. The Speaker of the Parliament and former President of Maldives, Mohamed Nasheed has stated that the Maldives cannot side with the Organisation for Islamic Cooperation (OIC) in their decisions taken against India for imposing restrictions in Jammu and Kashmir. The government of India's August 5 decision to abrogate the special status granted to J&K under Article 370 of the Indian Constitution has been met with contrasting response within the country and internationally, especially with respect to Pakistan's disturbance with this bold Indian move. Article 370 allowed special status to Kashmir under which it operated according to a separate constitution, was allowed to have a state flag and autonomy over the internal administration of the state. The Indian government has been deeply involved with the dynamics of the state and has also established channels to facilitate development in the region along with means to allow the natives to explore the plethora of opportunities that India has to offer in its own territory and beyond. Indian government's move was thus justified as, notwithstanding the 'disputed' status of the northern state owing to history and multitude of rhetoric. The Former Maldivian President, quite like most of the western world leaders holds the opinion that India's internal decision is not for the international community to concern themselves with. The world at large is with India on this; within India, this dramatic move is rather applauded; the grave concern is that the people of Kashmir, in particular, have been kept gagged on the matter that affects them the most. As for the former Maldivian President, his statement that his nation cannot be with OIC on their stance on Kashmir is a defiant one as OIC is an international body that Pakistan banks on the most at this time. Nasheed clarified that he does not believe the Maldives or any other county can criticise India over the Kashmir move. It is a mark of statesmanship to respect another country's sovereignty and the Maldivian leadership has set an example on that.

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