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A resonance of history

The iconic Lutyen's Delhi in the national capital has been the imposing structure that houses the Indian government, standing out prominently from the rest of Delhi, the status of which remains under debate. Not a state of its own, NCT of Delhi is largely a city of migrants who have relentlessly survive to make this erstwhile medieval kingdom their home. "Lutyen's Delhi" was built by the colonial masters to establish and mark their presence very distinct from their Mughal predecessors. From its very inception, the Lutyen's Delhi area was meant to just stand out and be distinct, beside the functions to be carried out in its premises. And so remains its status today. The government's plans to redevelop Parliament building and give a makeover to the 3-km Rashtrapati Bhavan-India Gate stretch resonates with the same early modern idea and purpose behind this grand locality. The entire Central Vista area is proposed to be designed with smart city features and an upgrade of public facilities, amenities, and parking are included in the plan. This elaborate project will also comprise building a composite complex for various ministries as well as a newly-developed Parliament building. Government sources confirmed that the Monsoon Session is to be held in the newly-developed Parliament building in 2022. Design and architecture firms from across the globe for consultancy have been duly invited. The grandeur aside, two questions pop up for attention with this piece of news: one, given how the economy is in shambles, is this the best time to spruce up national pride in this manner; and two, if such investments can be afforded, why not upgrade other parts of the city which will experience a significantly better change? The difference of opinion and the frequent clash of interest and methods of functioning between the Delhi state government and the Centre have only made such divides more stark in contrast. The two distinct political entities function at their respective levels but for the common people, Delhi is a city many residents have left their homes for. By any ethical standards and democratic values, the priority of privilege belongs to people first.

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