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75 years of freedom struggle

The special session of the Parliament to commemorate 75-years of the Quit India movement turned out to be quite engaging. Unlike other sessions where high volumes often supersede intellectual value, this Session witnessed a dynamic exchange of ideas regarding what it meant to pursue freedom in a liberal democracy, and how the present can be reconstructed to become as glorious as the bygone days of our reminiscent past. Prime Minister Modi called out to all parties, requesting them to rise above partisan differences and instead extend hands to fight towards uplifting India from the evils that are anchoring it towards regression.

The Parliament session had been scheduled as a special event to commemorate India's freedom struggle, one among the many initiatives undertaken by the Central government to celebrate India's glorious phase of freedom struggle in its most recent 20th-century history. Aware of a growing controversy of alienation among different cultural and ethnic segments in the country, the Prime Minister emphasised on the need to recuperate from any kind of difference, calling for all citizens to equally participate in building an enviable future for India. By recalling Mahatma Gandhi's focus on unity amidst different groups, Prime Minister Modi urged all citizens to shed misconceptions of internal dispute and stride ahead, arm-in-arm, as residents nurtured in the home of 'Bharat Mata.'

Sonia Gandhi, speaking as the Leader of the Congress refused to agree to the Prime Minister's call for unity and undifferentiated peace, instead stating that the BJP is responsible for infiltrating 'forces of darkness' within the Indian civil society. The glory of the Congress has largely relied on the host of leaders it carried in the past, none of whose charisma is reflected in today's time. Being the spear-holders, as many would call them, of India's freedom struggle, history has been the comforting cushion for the Congress; the one kitty which hasn't slipped out of their bag. Recalling the Quit India movement provided Congress with the perfect opportunity to bring back those Golden days; a shot they did not miss to hit beyond the boundary.
Undoubtedly the Congress played a crucial role in the fight for India's freedom; an aspect which has been elaborately scripted in texts and acknowledged by all parties, citizens, and historians alike. However, 70 years since Independence spans out a long time in history. Since then, our democracy has grown by many folds, the nature of governance has evolved. From a period of coalition governments, we have now reached a stage where we are ruled by a single majority. From ballot papers to EVMs; from white Ambassadors to suave SUVs; from a golden Indian National Congress to an inadequate Opposition, the journey indeed has been long.
Sonia Gandhi though still commands respect among political circles, the one, who many believe in effect ruled our country for a decade till 2014. Ultimately, as the special session had aimed, a resolution was taken remembering the 75-years of struggle where promises were made, "to take along every citizen in working towards building a nation as envisioned by Mahatma Gandhi and other freedom fighters by 2022 when we will celebrate the 75th anniversary of our Independence." As this resolution predicates it is desired that as our democracy grows, it complements debate, discourse, and coordinated oppositional ideas to further bolster our aspiring economy.

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