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Edges of this city

Edges of this city
Art Spice Gallery, in alliance with the Turkish Embassy celebrates the culture and tradition of Turkey, on the occasion of Turkey’s National Day using the truly deserving and rewarding medium of art. This stellar show is also supported by luxury lifestyle store, Craft House and Turkish Airlines .

Bridging the glorious heritage of both India and Turkey, this show titled - On the Edge of the City -  has been conceived by Art Spice gallery to display the beautiful and daunting works of award-winning Turkish artist, Serdar Leblebici.

The exhibition will showcase a series of work inspired from a novel, Cemile, which was written by Orhan Kemal (15 September 1914 – 2 June 1970), who has a unique place in the modern Turkish literature with his novels and stories, and read by the artist in 2005. The initial works of the series titled On the Edge of the City involves the years of 2005-2007. Approaching this subject once again in 2010, he painted it with a more colorful attitude compared to the first series.

This novel emphasizes the challenging life struggle in Çukurova during the 1930s in the Turkish Republic established by Atatürk and the power of bonds keeping the individual alive in these
challenging conditions.

In total, 32 paintings produced by the artist with the technique of oil painting on canvas in different dimensions are exhibited at the exhibition. Each of his masterful works has enshrined within them a dazzling spectrum of emotions that tames even the most frigid of souls. Serdar’s images and portraits both inspire and shock you with their ethereal embodiment of the human spirit and his play of colours not only darkens the shadows, but highlights them as well. This exhibition also has the characteristics of a reverence due to the 100th birth anniversary of Orhan Kemal, who died in 1970.

Head over to explore the genius of Serder Leblebici reflected in his engaging and daunting works.

WHERE: Art Spice Gallery, Metropolitan Hotel WHEN: 18 to 31 October
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