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EC censures Kejriwal for communal riots remarks

The poll watchdog also issued him a fresh show cause notice for his repeated alleged statements that while people should accept bribe from BJP and Congress, they should vote for AAP.

He has been asked to respond to the notice by 11 am on January 27 "failing which the Election Commission of India shall take a decision without any further reference to you".

In its order on BJP's complaint that Kejriwal had alleged that "BJP has been responsible for inciting communal riots in various parts of Delhi in the recent past", the EC said it has carefully considered his reply sent today.

"... in the Commission's considered view, your...statements have the effect of aggravating existing differences or creating mutual hatred or causing tension between different castes and communities, religious or linguistic, and vitiating the purity of election process and disturbing level playing field, and are thus violative of the provisions of Model Code of Conduct," the EC said.

The Commission conveys "its displeasure and censures you for the above violation of MCC and expects you to be more circumspect in your public utterances in future".

While issuing the order, EC pointed out that the former Delhi chief minister has "not denied the statements to the effect".

Serving a fresh show cause notice to Kejriwal, third in a row, EC said it has "noted with concern" that a similar statement was made by him earlier for which he has already been issued a notice.

He has so far been issued three notices -- two on bribe remarks and one on communal riots remark.

The Commission reminded him of provisions of the Model Code of Conduct which provides that parties and candidates shall avoid scrupulously all activities which are "corrupt practices" and offences under the election law, such as bribing of voters.

EC said, prima-facie it is of the opinion that by making the statements he has "repeatedly violated" the provisions of poll code.

The latest showcause was issued after BJP and Congress approached the EC with separate complaints.
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