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East MCD to simplify map approval process

East MCD to simplify  map approval process
The Corporation, during a special House on Monday, informed that the move will help the residents of the unauthorised-regularised colonies and urban villages and will increase its revenue up to Rs 700 crore every year.

In June this year, the EDMC had constituted a sub-committee comprising senior councillors and top officials to simplify the procedure of sanctioning building plans which submitted its report on Monday. The committee, in order to provide relief to the residents, has recommended <g data-gr-id="42">to change</g> the existing building by-laws.

“The provision of submitting a chain of documents since February 1977 to February 2007 must be abolished and just one document along with an affidavit and a current document should be presented before the concerned department for sanctioning building plans. It should be a <g data-gr-id="34">date-bound</g> procedure in which the applicant should be awarded the approval certificate within a week,” recommended the committee.

It has also been stated that along with 100-sqft plots, approvals should be given to plots of 34-sqft and above. The committee had recommended that a physical survey of 20 <g data-gr-id="46">per cent</g> of the plots is required before sanctioning the maps in bulk as it becomes tough to visit each and every site by the officials. Emphasis was also given to <g data-gr-id="47">include</g> periods after February 2007 with proper consultation with the DDA and to sanction maps of plots below 32-sqft size as well.

“The area has <g data-gr-id="41">huge number</g> of small plots hence it is required to sanction their maps as well. As per the DDA’s master plan, MCDs cannot approve maps for small plots and if the DDA agrees to make some changes, Corporations will get the approval rights,” said a member of the sub-committee.
Ram Narayan Dubey, Leader of the House and a member of the committee, said: “Instead of registered lease deeds, sell deeds, conveyance deeds, relinquishment deeds, partition deeds, gift deeds, decrees of courts, succession certificates, probate with the ‘will’, etc, it requires only — an affidavit and an ownership proof. The move will also increase the Corporation’s revenue up to hundreds of crore. As recommendations have been accepted accordingly, the approval will be given in the next meeting of the House.”
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